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Specialised Vegetation Control & Excavation Services

Specialised Vegetation Control & Excavation Services

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How It Works

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We come out to discuss with you and quote the best options for your land clearing needs. These include: removing woody weeds, tree clearing, creating/maintaining firebreaks, & slashing. With our skid steer, forestry mulcher and spider excavator we cut to the chase to get to areas where others can't. Experts in forestry mulching, log clearing, excavation and land clearing on all difficult to reach sites, so you can maximise your properties ' potential.

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We have the best methods & experience to handle your vegetation and land clearing requirements. We get the job done so you can rest easy knowing that our tree services provide environmentally sustainable practices that are efficient and effective; saving you time and money.

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Enjoy a stress-free process and reclaim your land with Spider Contracting. Don't beat around the bush, get in touch with us today to chat to one of our friendly Staff.

Why Spider Contracting

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The right tool for the job! The walking Spider Excavator, Skid Steer & Forest Mulcher can tackle the toughest land or forestry clearing tasks. The technology in these machines allow us to reduce the time it takes to finish the job, saving you money.

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Our aborists have over 40 years experience in land & forestry clearing, so you can be sure you are in good hands. We not only have the expertise but we protect & safeguard what's important! With one million dollars in public liability insurance we have you covered.

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Call now for a fast quote and get the experts behind you Our goal is to have the happiest customers and provide you with the best service possible. So you can have peace of mind knowing your property is in the very best hands.

About Us

Spider Contracting offers a wide range of highly specialised vegetation management and excavating services, concentrating on steep, difficult and wet sites. We utilize specialized plant and equipment and bring together years of experience, an excellent safety record, the latest technology and dedication to professionalism and customer satisfaction.
Vegetation management is carried out in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our machinery is designed to provide minimum impact on the environment, whilst delivering the required outcomes.
Spider excavator along side a forestry mulcher and log grab attachment for whole tree removal.


  • I couldn’t believe the difference one day could make in the overall look of my property, I am now feeling far less anxious
    about the upcoming hot summer weather and the fire risk to my property and business.

  • the operator, fuflilled his task of cleaning and mulching the undergrowth on our wooded property in one day. He has done a splendid job with, what seemed to us, a complicated machine, while saving a single fern tree on a steep slope and grass trees without any prompting from either of us (we had forgotten to ask him!) which showed his observant and caring attitude

  • Thank you for the job that you did for us at Londonderry.
    The Property now looks wonderful. You are a true professional with your land grooming.

Our Machine Equipment

Menzi muck excavator with log grab illustration

Menzi Muck A91 4x4 All Terrain Excavator

The Menzi Muck all terrain excavator is developed and manufactured in Switzerland. This excavator is able to access areas where most conventional excavators are unable to go.

Forestry mulcher illustration

Rayco C140 – 140HP Dedicated Powerful Forest Mulcher

A high powered mulching machine for high production vegetation mulching, including larger trees, and suitable for areas where there is less environmental sensitivity.

Spider excavator with bucket attachment

For expert Arborist services in Sydney & NSW, please contact us.

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